Tips for running behind a stroller

How to Run with a Jogging Stroller

The first time you run with a stroller it will feel rather strange. The good thing is your baby is light and if you are pushing a good running stroller your run will be a breeze. Here are a few tips to help get both of you out there running again:

Run Behind a Stroller made for Jogging- A jogging stroller consists of 12″, 16″ or 20″ tires. They are normally air-filled tires like you would find on a bicycle. The larger the wheel size the easier the push. You will find this holds true especially as you are running with your pre-schooler. You will want to run with the front wheel in fixed wheel position meaning it only pushes straight. Running with wheels in swivel position will only slow you down and eventually ruin your tire.

  • Relax your Shoulders- It is common to tense up while pushing your baby. It is not a position we are used to. Plus, we are pushing 20+ pounds on wheels. Not something we are used to unless of course your day time job is pushing an ice cream cart. If you are tense your neck and shoulders will hurt. Relaxing your shoulders does sound weird but, what you want to do is drop your shoulders down so they are not up at your ears.
  • Posture Perfect means you are running tall-Pushing from your center or middle will not only strengthen your tummy but it will also keep you from having a sore back. When you go up hills especially push from your center. You should not be hunched over the handlebars no matter how hard. In time this will get easier I promise.
  • One Hand Push-Pushing your stroller is actully easier when you use just one hand. Push with one hand and swing the other to help you maintain your stride. Be sure to use the wrist strap on the hand that you push with. We do not want to hear about your stroller taking off down the hill without you. You will eventually develop your own running style.

Happy Strolling


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Valco Baby Valentine’s Day Sale

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The Best of 2011 Baby Stroller Awards

Every year lots of new strollers are introduced. Every year it is our job to supply you with the very best in baby strollers. Here is’s 2011 best baby stroller awards.

Most Innovative- The Mountain Buggy Plus One is the first double in-line running stroller that will grow with your family. Use it as a single to start and when baby #2 comes along simply add the 2nd seat. The Plus One also features an adjustable sun canopy to give your growing children more headroom as needed.



Best for Running- The BOB Ironman is the perfect running stroller with it’s fixed front wheel. This stroller was made for city streets and rough roads with its slick tires, hand brake and shocks. All of you will have a smooth ride.

Best All-Terrain- The Mountain Buggy Terrain is a great stroller for both running (fixed wheel) or strolling (swivel wheel). Two great standard features on this stroller are the drink holders and bumper bar. This stroller also Features an adjustable handlebar, shocks and a hand brake this stroller is sure to take you and your little one many places.


Best for Travel- The Baby Jogger City Mini has been a great full service lightweight stroller for many years. What makes it so great for travel is all of it’s creature comforts like an easy fold, large sun hood and fully padded seat. This stroller is also great for those that have back or wrist problems. Weighing in at a slim 16.8 lbs your baby will be sure to outweigh it by 6 or 9 months.

Best Luxe Ride- The Valco Baby Tri-Mode is by far our most luxe ride. There is not another baby stroller out there that offers the amount of padding in the child’s seat like Valco Baby. It is quite the cush ride offering a bumper bar, 2 different head huggers, adjustable sun canopy, lots of storage pockets and  adjustable handlebar. A comfortable baby is a happy baby!

Best Face Lift- All in fun of course….The BOB Revolution SE is a very popular stroller here at Joggermom. BOB basically took the old frame with its great suspension, easy fold and swivel/fixed wheel options and gave it a new fabric make over. They added a new padded seat, removed the old fabric covered front (gaining about 5 more inches in leg room), brought the shocks in a bit, added a snap closure for storage and changed the fabric. All in all we have a much sportier stroller. Thanks for the updates BOB.

Best for Twins- The Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd seat kit is a great stroller for infant twins to use from day one! As a mother of multiples I cannot tell you how much I would have loved to of had this stroller! Use it from day one when you purchase the optional infant seat adapters or use it from 6 months of age on with both seats. As with most Baby Jogger strollers the fold on this with both seats attached is incredibly small compared to other double side by sides. The seats can face you, face forward, face each other…many options. This stroller is also great for 2 children close in age. For most children the seats will be too small to use past age 3 -4 years.

Best Light Weight Double- The Bumbleride Indie Twin may be the lightest weight twin with 12″ wheels on the market. Having larger wheels makes it easier to push and maneuver thru tight spaces. Have newborn twins? Just introduced a few short months ago Bumbleride now offers seating for twins using the Maxi Cosi infant seats and their special adapters. Yes, you can fit thru a doorway too!!! Bumbleride also made a few changes to it’s line up this year by “knocking” themselves off! They added 2 other editions to their already successful Indie line. They offer the Standard Edition and added a Natural Edition as well as a Movement Edition. This will be one stylish ride to take your children out in!

Best Parent Helper- This is one accessory that I love! The Mountain Buggy Freerider is one cool ride. It features a clip to attach the scooter to your stroller and when he or she gets the wiggles….set them free for a scooter ride. The Freerider currently works on All Mountain Buggy Strollers, Most Phil & Teds strollers, All BOB Revolution Strollers, Bugaboo Cameleon stroller and the Britax B-Ready stroller. This is definitely a great multi-purpose product that is sure to please both parent and child.

That about wraps up our 2011 baby stroller awards ….please be sure to check back to see what is new for 2012. As new products release we will be sure to talk about it here on our blog and our Facebook Fan Page.

Happy New Year!!!




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Stroller Strides is more than a Mommy Fitness Class!

Many of you may not know this but, before I was “Joggermom” I was a Stroller Strides mom. I joined when I had moved to a new community. At the time I was at home with four young children and knew no one! I joined a local Stroller Strides group and instantly gained friends. We still get together today even though all of our children are out of a stroller. During the summer months and school breaks we will get all 16 of our kiddos together as well. Honestly, what can be better…You get to work out at your own pace, your children get to see you being a healthy role model and everyone makes friends!

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Features you need on a Jogging Stroller…………

The stroller features you see here are features that will make your life easier.

Happy Strolling,

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Advantages and disadvantages of a bike trailer? Is a Bike Trailer right for your family?

Bike trailer hybrids are great in many different ways…..Let us list a few advantages over a regular running or strolling stroller…

  • All Bike Trailers offer seating for 1 or 2 children
  • Bike Trailer can convert from bike trailer to stroller to jogger with the purchase of optional accessory kits
  • Sun or Rain covers are included
  • Child cannot easily escape
  • Child feels secure in their own little pod
  • When pulled behind the bike your child can go anywhere your legs will take you
  • Lots of cargo space for a day out
  • Adjustable handlebar (doubles as a roll bar in some models)
  • Fits thru Standard doorway
  • Very compact fold
  • Conveniently holds everything in one neat bundle when folded
  • No need to purchase 1 or more strollers


  • Child must always wear a helmet
  • Possibility of tipping over is greater with a bike trailer
  • You cannot put an infant seat in bike trailers you must use the Baby Snuggler (sold separately)
  • Can only use for infants 6 months of age and older as they need head and neck strength…this is actually true of jogging strollers too!
  • A little more time to fold down after a trip to the mall
  • No lie flat position

Happy Strolling,


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2012 Baby Strollers by Baby Jogger….The City Mini Vs. City Mini GT

All of us love the Baby Jogger City mini for it’s full service style in a compact stroller. For 2012 there will be a new Mini added to the line up…. the new City Mini GT….What makes the new one so different? Take a look at our video and decide for yourself ….

Features we love on the Baby Jogger City Mini:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy Fold
  • Large multi-position sun hood
  • Perfect for travel, subways and small vehicle trunks

Features the new Baby Jogger City Mini GT will have in addition to the ones mentioned above:

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Larger seat
  • Auto Lock frame when folded
  • Hand Brake
  • Metallic Charcoal Frame
  • All Terrain foam filled tires like City Elite

*All City Mini’s for 2012 will start shipping in February, 2012

**Please remember that although the name says “Baby Jogger” both City Mini’s are for strolling only. The wheels were not made to run behind. Please look to the POD, FIT or Summit XC if you need a running stroller.

Happy Strolling,


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How to fold your Burley Bike Trailer

Folding a stroller can be done in 1 or 2 easy steps for stowing in your car. When stowing your bike trailer away there are definitely a few more steps you will want to follow. I really like that you fold and store everything in one tight little unit. Please see our video courtesy of Burley on “How to fold your Burley Bike Trailer“…..

Happy strolling,

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The merge of two great companies: BOB and Britax

I am very excited to share with you that BRITAX has acquired BOB Trailers, Inc. BOB is widely considered America’s premier provider of innovative, design-oriented, high-quality  jogging strollers, and we couldn’t be happier about their partnering with Britax to expand their stroller offering.

What does this all mean to you? BOB strollers will continue making great all Continue reading

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What You Can Expect at Your First Baby Boot Camp Class

So you’ve signed up for your first Baby Boot Camp class — congratulations! You’ve completed the toughest part – deciding to make a commitment to yourself and to working out. Now what?

After you sign up for your First Class Free on, expect to receive an email from the Franchise Owner within 24-48 hours confirming space in the class and giving you some details specific to the location. This is a great time to ask questions, but here are the most common ones I receive:

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